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The Kenek Edge mobile pulse oximeter was developed at BC Children's Hospital in partnership with University of British Columbia and the Electrical and Computer Engineering in Medicine (ECEM) team. The Kenek Edge app and finger sensor provide affordable and highly accurate measurement of blood oxygen saturation (SpO2) and heart rate (BPM) and can record for up to 24 hours.

Five stars

This Oximeter works great. The customer service is excellent. I investigated the various oximeters available thru Amazon and this unit is clearly the best option. review May 2018

Nice Buy for your Health

Works great - I have a iPhone X and consequently need a dongle inserted in the lighting port. Nevertheless, it is accurate when compared to my wife's medical grade sensor. Note: your readings might be a few percentages lower if at attitude. I'm at 7,000 ft. in Colorado and was running 2 to 3 percent lower than sea level. Also, syncs with Apple Health. review November 2017

Good product

I was always curious as to what my sleeping SAT's were since I use a CPAP. This allows me to record my pulse and oxygen saturation during sleep and go to History to see what they were. review November 2017

Exceeds my expectations. Excellent oximeter.

Exceeds my expectations. Very easy to set up and use. Accurate. Interfaces well with my iPhone and iPad (models with headphone jacks). review January 2017

Kenek Edge

Low cost. High quality. Easy export.

You can record all night long by making your iPhone into the pulse oximeter.

SpO2 and Heart Rate

Kenek Edge measures blood oxygen saturation and heart rate on adults, using a hospital grade finger clip sensor.

Clinical Accuracy

Kenek Edge has been rigorously tested at the renowned Bickler Labs for FDA-quality performance.

Overnight Recording

Kenek Edge can record once per second for up to 24 hours, depending on the battery life of your mobile device.

Data Export

Kenek Edge can export your data via email in easy-to-read CSV format for import into a spreadsheet application.

Mobile Simplicity

The Kenek Edge sensor plugs into the audio port of your Apple device, without batteries or configuration.

Highly Affordable

Kenek Edge delivers accuracy and reliability at a fraction of the cost, plus all the features of a true mobile solution.

Kenek Edge

Make your iPhone do all the work.

The Kenek Edge pulse oximeter uses a light-weight, hospital grade finger sensor and sophisticated mobile app to accurately measure blood oxygen saturation and heart rate, record and export data. Kenek Grapher turns the data into the visuals you need to understand your health.

Kenek Edge
Kenek Edge finger sensor
Kenek Edge

Kenek Quick Grapher

Record overnight. Export data. Make graphs instantly.
Kenek Edge

Flying, Hiking or Sleeping at High Altitude

The reduced levels of oxygen available at high altitudes can lead to hypoxia (reduce blood oxygen saturation) that affects energy and performance levels, disrupts sleep, causes headaches, and can even result in debilitating altitude sickness. Spot-checking during high altitude activities or recording during sleep provides critical information for your health.

Kenek Edge

Doctors and Engineers Disrupt Health Tech

A deceptively simple device - the Phone Oximeter - invented at the University of BC is saving lives in the world's most impoverished places. Available to the public as the Kenek Edge pulse oximeter

Kenek Edge

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